What’s in a profession?

“Edit like a Pro!”, “No need for professional camera crew … do it yourself! Your personal video for free!”.

I confess, I’ve done it. I’ve clicked on those ads myself! In my defense, I was curious. I was intrigued and I wanted to know if they really could do everything they promised, especially with the given price.  At first glance they all look the same: they promise you a video with flashy effects and 1000 cool filters. The only differences I can spot are the prices for a subscription and an additional cost per feature once you get started.

Seeing the fees, I turned to the deadly “click here to unsubscribe”. I don’t know about you but for me the term “for free” is not €95/month, and “easy” does not equal monotone and soulless edits. What if you find out, that your biggest competitor made the same video, using the same app, using the same visuals and filters?

What I found really interesting about all these ads, is that not one of them talks about content nor storytelling. The only focus is how easy you can make a video. They never mention anything about the message of your video and how to tell an authentic story. I mean, you can easily put some images together, quickly swirl 3 million filters over them, but then again…what is this video telling your viewers?

It’s the story that makes every video unique. So, when you do it with a “quick and easy app” does the video include a story or message? I haven’t yet found an application that helps you with creating and finding the right storyline. Stories are made by people out there in the real world, 24/7. Until that particular app, that has the full package, is created I’m, literally and figuratively, not buying it anymore. We are transparent, we are more expensive than a subscription of €95/month. However, our video will be watched, maybe even bingewatched and way more effective in bringing over your message.

This openhearted letter is a tribute to all my colleagues from the media and the audiovisual sector … no panic, you all remain irreplaceable. Stay safe and use this time to fuel up!

Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the sky was a dead black, and the stars had ceased.

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